~ Indonesian Nite 09 was awesome ~

Last nite I got the chance to go to the Indonesian Nite 09 here in town. It was held at the Elim auditorium and was amazing. Although I questioned myself every second whether I'm the only Malaysian among those people.
I also tried some of those Indonesian kueh. Nice! Oh, Forgot to mention that it was also held to gain some funds for the unfortunates back in Indonesia. Few celebrities came for the show. It was hosted by Arie Dagink and Happy Salma. And I have to say, Happy Salma is so hot! hahaha~ giler cun weh. And then performances by Reza Artamevia (I love her voice, used to listen to her mp3s before), Rio Febrian, and Ali the groove. Plus couple of songs played by the Indonesian students from Welli and Christchurch. And ade la jugak cultural performances.

As quoted from Rio, "Banyak cewek-cewek jomblong di sini ya". hahaha~

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dem tak ajak. rio febrian je yg aku penah denga name..

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