~ Lemau dah ~

Hi to myself and to the world wide web.
Guess I will either be getting a new blog or my own domain or maybe just stop writing.
we'll see :)

My last music;

I could still remember,
the days when everything turns out so gray,
the days where my heart were made of clay,
I seek not the cure,
I seek not the pure,
For I only had,
the gift from what I owed,

I live not to despair,
Nor to proclaim or one of other,
I wish to believe,
For I am whole,
As whole as one could believe,

I am a man,
One who should slay,
the undying impurities of mind,
For they would not cease to cling,
to the nature of a being,

I will stop here,
For a life I shall have,
The one where no man shall know,
Though none have understood mine.
But only one.

*hmm... getting bit rusty. haha. nvm. Auf Wiedersehen~



~ 12.10 am ~


Baru je upload flickr. Lame xupload

Ok, I'm seriously bored to death. (simply exaggerating the fact)
Wish I could go swimming rite now, who cares bout the fractured bone. Really need to swim.. water.. haih...

Wanna play ps3 but too lazy to switch it on, dota got no players, surfing the net... doin it now but will run out of websites to drop by. kah3

Tomorrow? The day after? And after? hahaha. Boring days~ hooo~ woohohoo~

~ Mari Mari Mari ~

Exam dah habes! yay!
But as Mr Mohana said, they just won't let us go that easy. hahaha. Seems that we have to attend few courses and most probably be helping out for Cohort 3's graduation.

I got a bone fracture! hooray me!
V small modification has to be put aside for awhile (mane bank nak kna rompak, huu)

Hols in 3weeks. Hmm.. Thinkin, shud i stay at home and stuffed myself, or shud i go somewhere?
Seperti kata2 orang Kedah "Don't stay at home and be bosan, go out and have some fun!"


~ Well... ~

I hate liars..
No matter who the person is, I just f*ckin hate it.
So what do you do when you realized someone just put a sh*t on your face?
Will you say something? Or just do your best to put up a good show?

Me n V....

Ya.. lame x tulis. memang lama.
Ok, well this are the few things that I have to do to the V that I appear to be given....... Why V?...Why????

Anyway, listed according to priority:

1. New Spring
2. New Kenwood Player
3. Sideline + New Dashboard cover
4. Custom leather seat cover
5. Nice Sticker
6. Full custom bodykit
7. Woofer + Power amp + New Speaker

Ingin buat tapi xbrani sbab takut void warranty:

1. Tukar momo steering wheel
2. Pasang turbo. haha

Anyway plan ni maybe makan masa at least 2 tahun or more sbab da x keje skang, where can find money? lol

Abah da pesan balik bawak duit untuk V tapi tetap pegi joli kat sana. padan muka.

Anyway, bile da siap, memang xkan nampak macam V dah, dan more power!!!! super...power!!!! hahahaha

~ Indonesian Nite 09 was awesome ~

Last nite I got the chance to go to the Indonesian Nite 09 here in town. It was held at the Elim auditorium and was amazing. Although I questioned myself every second whether I'm the only Malaysian among those people.
I also tried some of those Indonesian kueh. Nice! Oh, Forgot to mention that it was also held to gain some funds for the unfortunates back in Indonesia. Few celebrities came for the show. It was hosted by Arie Dagink and Happy Salma. And I have to say, Happy Salma is so hot! hahaha~ giler cun weh. And then performances by Reza Artamevia (I love her voice, used to listen to her mp3s before), Rio Febrian, and Ali the groove. Plus couple of songs played by the Indonesian students from Welli and Christchurch. And ade la jugak cultural performances.

As quoted from Rio, "Banyak cewek-cewek jomblong di sini ya". hahaha~