~ 12.10 am ~

Baru je upload flickr. Lame xupload

Ok, I'm seriously bored to death. (simply exaggerating the fact)
Wish I could go swimming rite now, who cares bout the fractured bone. Really need to swim.. water.. haih...

Wanna play ps3 but too lazy to switch it on, dota got no players, surfing the net... doin it now but will run out of websites to drop by. kah3

Tomorrow? The day after? And after? hahaha. Boring days~ hooo~ woohohoo~

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hahahahahhaha x2

bored huh..
welcome to the club..

dude. bile nk lepak. lame xjumpa weh. haha

jumper on9 snang..
kalo nk face2face tue..
kena tgu cuti arr..
hehehe :)