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Exam dah habes! yay!
But as Mr Mohana said, they just won't let us go that easy. hahaha. Seems that we have to attend few courses and most probably be helping out for Cohort 3's graduation.

I got a bone fracture! hooray me!
V small modification has to be put aside for awhile (mane bank nak kna rompak, huu)

Hols in 3weeks. Hmm.. Thinkin, shud i stay at home and stuffed myself, or shud i go somewhere?
Seperti kata2 orang Kedah "Don't stay at home and be bosan, go out and have some fun!"


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eh, im surprised that u still remember ur blogspot's password..haha.
p/s: extra careful dengan kaki tuh ok.

hahaa. reali. actually mmg da tlupe.
try2 tadi bley plak :)

p/s: thanks :)

eh? abes bosan la tu :p

wah! another person i know got bone problem at the same time!

bored n cool about it. lol

bone oh bone~ huu