~ Lemau dah ~

Hi to myself and to the world wide web.
Guess I will either be getting a new blog or my own domain or maybe just stop writing.
we'll see :)

My last music;

I could still remember,
the days when everything turns out so gray,
the days where my heart were made of clay,
I seek not the cure,
I seek not the pure,
For I only had,
the gift from what I owed,

I live not to despair,
Nor to proclaim or one of other,
I wish to believe,
For I am whole,
As whole as one could believe,

I am a man,
One who should slay,
the undying impurities of mind,
For they would not cease to cling,
to the nature of a being,

I will stop here,
For a life I shall have,
The one where no man shall know,
Though none have understood mine.
But only one.

*hmm... getting bit rusty. haha. nvm. Auf Wiedersehen~

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